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Welcome to Final Fantasy Project. It is our goal to have comprehensive sections for this series, as well as a community forum for you to discuss the various aspects of this wonderful RPG series.

Though we are just starting up, here at Final Fantasy Project we plan to provide walkthroughs for the Final Fantasy games, listings for weapons, armours, materia, side quests and secrets, characters and many other facts unique to each Final Fantasy game. We also intend to have a large amount of user submitted work such as Fanfictions, Fanart and anything Final Fantasy related that users wish to submit.

Our forum is also a great place to be where you can discuss Final Fantasy canon and Final Fantasy in general with the staff and members of this site and all are welcome. Also available in our forum is a RPG based in Final Fantasy X, 1000 years into Spira's past, and again, all participants are welcome.

Thank you for visiting Final Fantasy Project.

Final Fantasy News
TGS 2007: Wallpaper Collection

To promote their showing at TGS this year, Square Enix's official Japanese website hosted a collection of special-edition wallpapers, and yours truly has collected them for easy access.  Check them out below. TGS 2007 Crisis Core Small TGS 2007 Crisis Core Large TGS 2007 Final Fantasy IV Small TGS 2007 Final Fantasy IV Large TGS 2007 Ring of Fates Small TGS 2007 Ring of Fates Large TGS 2007 Tactics A2 Small TGS 2007 Tactics A2 Large TGS 2007 FF Anniversary Small TGS 2007 FF Anniversary Large TGS 2007 Chocobo Small TGS 2007 Chocobo Large TGS 2007 Dragon Quest IV Small TGS 2007 Dragon Quest IV Large TGS 2007 Yosumin Small TGS 2007 Yosumin Large
TGS 2007: Final Fantasy XIII, Versus XIII

Alas, Eyes on Final Fantasy didn't have the opportunity to travel halfway around the world for Japan's premiere gaming show, which means we haven't had any first-hand experience with any of the exciting new titles Square Enix is showing off behind closed doors. Our misfortunes aside, though, there's still plenty of news to report on, especially two brand new trailers for Final Fantasy XIII and Versus XIII, Square's Playstation 3 double-whammy.  While we haven't seen either of the new trailers due to the exclusive nature of Square Enix's presence at TGS, gaming blog Joystiq has.  Check out their impressions of both Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Nothing new about either game is especially shocking: they're both still gorgeous, though the trailers were comprised mostly of CG footage and may not be 100% indicative of how the final product will look. Final Fantasy XIII's trailer showed off two new characters, a mysterious gunman with magical abilities and a female character who will play some part (large or small, totally unknown at this point) in the game.  There were also brand new, breathtaking vistas of an agrarian settings, which is markedly different than the sleek, futuristic setting we've mostly seen so far. Versus XIII apparently wowed the audiences and was an instant favorite, with a more dramatic and darker presentation than FFXIII.  The trailer proclaimed "this is a fantasy based in reality," and the style of the trailed seemed to indicate this by blending the action we've come to expect with a powerful presentation and a relationship between the male protagonist and a female dressed in a school uniform, who may turn out to be the game's antagonist. With the game releases still at least a year away, everything Square Enix throws at us at this point is just teasing us, leaving us wanting more.  We'll be on the lookout for any new information or media regarding these two high profile titles and have them for you as soon as they become available. [Source: Joystiq]
TGS 2007: Kingdom Hearts Coded

The least exciting of Square Enix's new Kingdom Hearts titles is the mobile game, Kingdom Hearts: Coded. The content looks interesting enough--a digitized version of the original Kingdom Hearts adventure in which Sora can take control of how he interacts with his surroundings, thereby allowing him to do unusual things like pass through objects or manipulate his environment. The chances of gamers outside of Japan actually getting to play Kingdom Hearts: Coded are none too good, given the number of mobile games that have made their way stateside.  If only the average US phone could compete with Japan's superior technology  Still, Dirge of Cerberus: Lost Episode found its way across the Pacific, so maybe Coded will, too. Stay tuned for more information on everything Kingdom Hearts--we'll have screens of Coded as soon as they become available. [Source: Joystiq]
TGS 2007: Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

As we briefly reported yesterday, Square Enix has unveiled three brand new Kingdom Hearts titles at the Tokyo Game Show.  And while nothing new has been made public on the video/screenshot front, there's a bit more to say in regards to these new Kingdom Hearts games. Those of you who completed Kingdom Hearts II and Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix+ may have been treated to the special video that hinted at Birth By Sleep's existence months ago.  If you didn't, no worries--check it out right here.  It was speculated that the trailer pertained to what would eventually turn into Kingdom Hearts III, but we now know that it is the first of Square Enix's offshoots, the PSP exclusive Birth By Sleep. Birth By Sleep is apparently a prequel to the original Kingdom Hearts titles that starred Sora, Donald, and Goofy; and, judging by its trailer, times were not so good.  The more mature characters, ominous battle and stark setting all contribute to a much darker Kingdom Hearts than we've seen before.  With little to go on but the teasers, Birth By Sleep appears to be an intense, action-based game that will follow closely in the footsteps of its predecessors with a darker twist; and, being a prequel, it will likely build upon the Kingdom Hearts mythos in new and exciting ways. [Source: Joystiq]
TGS 2007: Dissidia Gets a Little Bit Emo

Those of you who are fanboys (and fangirls) of Final Fantasy VIII's brooding hero Squall Leonheart will be happy to know that he has been spotted in the TGS trailer for Final Fantasy Dissidia, the PSP brawler. Squall will likely be slashing or shooting (hooray for gunblades) his way to victory over the likes of Sephiroth and company.  He's done it in Kingdom Hearts--why not do it again in another cameo role  [Source: Joystiq]
TGS 2007: Dissidia Rocks the PSP

Square Enix has revealed some new screenshots of their PSP fighters, Final Fantasy Dissidia.  If you're a Final Fantasy IX fanboy like me, you've got to check them out at Jeux France: they're crystal clear, vibrant, and feature more Zidane than any other game published since FFIX (or any other game period, for that matter). [Source: Jeux France]
TGS 2007: Kingdom Hearts Sightings

While nothing big has hit the web as of yet, a forum poster at NeoGAF is reporting that Square Enix is showing off a slew of new Kingdom Hearts titles (already rumored to be making an appearance at this year's Tokyo Game Show). Square Enix is reportedly giving us three new Kingdom Hearts games, though none of them actually seem to be Kingdom Hearts III, which will probably eventually show up on the Playstation 3.  Here's a short description of the new Kingdom Hearts spin-offs, complete with questionably wacky translations and few details. Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep (PSP) - Apparently similar to the original Playstation adventures, but with a new, unknown protagonist.  Judging by how impressive Crisis Core looks, Birth By Sleep will probably be a solid actioner with some PS2-quality graphics. Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days (DS) - A new spin-off that may star Roxas and support four player multiplayer, similarly to the upcoming Crystal Chronicles DS game.  Might feature full 3D graphics, which is unsurprising given how far Square Enix has pushed the DS already. Kingdom Hearts: Coded (mobile) - Purportedly set between Kingdom Hearts I and II, featuring Sora and the gang.  We'll see if this mobile title ever makes it to the states. There are no screens or videos of any of Square Enix's new titles so far, but the show has just begun and there's likely to be a lot more information hitting the web in the next few days.  Stay tuned for more from the 2007 Tokyo Game Show! [Source: NeoGAF]
FFIV DS Set for December Release in Japan

So soon, you ask   Yes indeed.  It looks like FFIV DS will slip onto shelves at the tail end of 2007, according to a new magazine scan from Japan's V-Jump magazine.  The second scan also show off more in-game battles and some gorgeous, though not entirely new, CG renders of a few of the game's main characters. There are also a few new characters that appear to be a disturbing hybrid of the beloved Final Fantasy mainstays, the Moogles, and the Pillsbury Dough Boy, and seem to have some sort of limited integration into the battle system.  What's their purpose   Bringing Cecil and company refreshments or pocky, perhaps  With a late December release in Japan, US gamers can hopefully look forward to getting their hands on Final Fantasy IV yet again sometime in early 2008. [Source: DS Fanboy]
Europe Gets FFT Early, World In Shock

In an extremely uncommon move, Square Enix has announced a European release date that is not only not months or years after the Japanese and North American releases, it's a full four days earlier than the planned US street date. Square Enix announced today that Final Fantasy Tactics: War of the Lions for the PSP will be released in Europe on October 5th, four days before the October 9th NA release.  Rejoice, Europeans.  Judgement day is surely close at hand. [Source: Gamershell]
More Final Fantasy IV Lovin'

The 3D version of Square's classic Final Fantasy IV for the Nintendo DS just got a little more interesting, as the official site has been updated with some tasty new morsels.  The introductory animation features a few gorgeous bits of art and a brief snippet of CG Crystal goodness. The main draw of the newly updated site is the character page, complete with artistic CG renditions of Cecil, Kain, and Rosa, complemented by their DS counterparts, which don't look too shabby for the limited 3D capabilities of the DS. There's also the Square Enix Party 2007 trailer and an official blog that's not of much use to those of us who can't read Japanese.  But with the Tokyo Game show coming soon, we should be seeing a lot more of Final Fantasy IV and its sexy new logo. [Source: Nintendo DS Fanboy]

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