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Al Bhed
Al Bhed Primers and Locations
Primer Location Teaches
IAl Bhed Salvage Ship, deck, right side of screen'A'
IIBesaid Village, Crusaders Lodge, in front of the counter'B'
IIIS.S. Liki, Power Room, lower right hand corner'C'
IVKillika Port, Tavern'D'
VS.S. Winno, Bridge'E'
VILuca, Luca Stadium, Basement B'F'
VIILuca, Luca Theater'G'
VIIIMi'ihen Highroad, Travel Agency, receive from Rin'H'
IXMi'hen Road, Newroad North Area'I'
XMushroom Rock Road, Precipice'J'
XIDjose Highroad, behind spiky rock'K'
XIIMoonflow, North Bank Wharf'L'
XIIIGuadosalam, House, behind the big tree'M'
XIVThunder Plains, Travel Agency, receive from Rin if you answer that your studies are going well'N'
XVMacalania Woods, Lake Road'O'
XVILake Macalania, in front of Travel Agency, near Clasko'P'
XVIISanubia Desert, Central, west of the ďMonsters AheadĒ sign, in the ruins'Q'
XVIIISanubia Desert, north of the Central Save Sphere, itíll be on the ground near a sign'R'
XIXAl Bhed Home, by Save Sphere'S'
XXAl Bhed Home, Living Quarters'T'
XXIAl Bhed Home, Main Corridor'U'
XXIIBevelle Temple, Priest's Passage'V'
XXIIICalm Lands, extreme northwest corner'W'
XXIVRemiem Temple, by the Chocobo that you can ride'X'
XXVCavern of the Stolen Fayth, Calm Lands Gorge Bottom'Y'
XXVIOmega Ruins'Z'

There are some Primers that you must get at certain times or you will miss them and there is no way to get them back. They are all the ones found at the Al Bhed home (as itís being attacked) and also the Bevelle Priestís Passage. (Primers XIX, XX, XXI, XXII)

In addition, you must also get them when you are first in those areas. They will not be there if you leave and come back!

However, there are some that if you miss you can recover by searching for them in the Sanubia desert. They are Primers I, III, V, and XIV.

Rewards and Compilation Spheres

If you get all twenty-six volumes, find Rin and have a conversation with him in Al Bhed. He will give you 99 Underdog's Secret as a reward! This is a great item for Rikkuís Overdrive and for Customizing weapons!

There are also five compilation spheres in Spira. These spheres will search your PS2 memory card for all Final Fantasy X saves and compile an Al Bhed dictionary using all the primers available on those saves. That way, if you missed one in a previous game, you can get it in the next game without having to worry about the others. It's also handy for when you restart the game after getting them all. You actually begin the game fully fluent in Al Bhed!

The spheres are located:
  • Baaj Temple, Submerged Ruins
  • Mi'Ihen Highroad, by Rin's Travel Agency
  • Lake Macalania, by Rin's Travel Agency
  • Al Bhed Home, on your way to the airship
    NOTE: You must use this one before Home is destroyed. It will not be accessible after that!
  • Airship, where the Psyches hang out
Our Translator. (Flash must be enabled to use)

Al Bhed Language Structure and Origin

Almost all words spoken by the Al Bhed are in their own tongue. Though there are exceptions. Proper nouns, for example, names, and the subject of a sentence are always spoken in Spiran.

"Frah Yuna fyc cajah, cra lysa du meja eh Besaid" - Both Yuna and Besaid are proper nouns so they are left untranslated into Al Bhed.

"Y Fiend ec yddylgehk!" - While Fiend isn't a proper noun, it is the subject of the sentence, so it is left untranslated in this example.

The actual validity of Al Bhed as a language is however low. It is generally considered to be what is known a substitution cipher as it lacks the features of a language, such as it's own grammar. In general, such things are simply a type of code in which numbers and letters (in the case of Al Bhed, just letters) in a language are rearranged to represent other letters and numbers within that language.

In the Japanese release of Final Fantasy X, Al Bhed is similarly constructed, only instead reordering the alphabet like what is seen in the English version, individual syllables themselves are rearranged. The end result however is the same and Al Bhed is still considered nothing more than a substitution cipher.

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