It won’t not stick around long haul, but rather a somewhat amusing potential oversight has made Final Fantasy XV’s hardest fight, a piece of cake. Another video has flown up on the Nova Crystallis YouTube account flaunting the player bringing down the enormous Adamantoise, a battle which has been known to take numerous players in over of an hour to beat, in minor seconds utilizing just the recently buffed Ring of the Lucii.

As a feature of the diversion’s latest refresh to settle the numerous (MANY) issues with Chapter 13, the Arcana spells that you use as your exclusive methods for assault were altogether improved. Those impacts have all the earmarks of being enhanced to the point that the Adamantoise is presently insignificant a drop in the bucket contrasted with what it once was.

To be reasonable, it’s difficult to discern whether this was a purposeful reaction of the boosting of the ring, intended to give player’s the decision to fight the Adamantoise the old way or not. Or, on the other hand if the improvement group was basically excessively centered around settling the awkward nature of Chapter 13, that they didn’t have enough time to consider what may happen to the progressions. It seems odd to go from one outrageous of time to the next, however who knows.