When women say “I have nothing to wear!”, it is mostly a case of disorganization rather than a lack of things to actually wear. When your wardrobe is too cluttered, you are unable to see what items you really have and, therefore, assume you have nothing to wear. Organizing your wardrobe is easy if you have the patience for it. You can also look at wardrobe storage systems Sydney currently has to simplify your closet organization.
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One of the best ways to get organized in the closet is to hang your items. You would want to invest in wardrobe storage systems in Sydney that offers you the chance to utilize vertical space. But in order to attain optimum organization, take note of these hanging tips:
  • Attach one garment only per hanger. This makes it easier to see what clothes you have inside your closet.
  • When hanging your clothing items, organize them according to the item type (such as organizing skirts, dresses, and tops together).
  • Organize your hung items based on color. Most of the time, you determine what to wear based on color. By organizing your items according to color, you will be able to find what you want with ease (and without rummaging through your entire wardrobe).
  • Identify the wardrobe hot spots where you store items you often use and cold spots (for items you rarely use or wear).
  • Use specialized hangers for your items. For example, use skirt hangers for your skirts and the same for jeans. This will improve longevity for your items and prevent them from getting damaged easily.
Drawers and Shelves
Drawers and shelves are essential elements in Ximula wardrobe storage systems Sydney has to offer. However, the benefits of drawers are only as good as how you use them. Here are some tips to remember for improved organization:
  • Use drawers for storing specialized items in your closets such as underwear, sleepwear and hosiery. That way, you know where to look when you need to take out these specialized items. Do not use them for your regular clothes such as tops or dresses. Not only will these items get wrinkled easily in the drawer, but it would be difficult to find them that way.
  • Use unused shoe boxes to organize your items in the drawer. This will enable you to arrange your items according to their category.
  • Avoid over-filling your drawer. This will defeat the organizational efforts you have made prior.
  • Use shelves to store items that would be stretched out when stored in a hanger or those that are too chunky to hang.
  • Shelves are ideal for storing jeans, shorts and similar items. That way, they cannot be wrinkled easily and would be easy to see.
  • If you have extra shelves space, you can use them for storing your shoes. They help organize your shoes and making them easy to find.
Getting organized with your closet need not be complicated. With the right wardrobe storage systems Sydney experts recommend, and with the help of the tips above, you can easily get organized. For more ideas on closet storage and organization, you may visit http://ximula.com.au/